bullet Robert S. McLandress was born on 27 Apr 1935. Parents: M.A. Smith McLandress and Gertrude Shannon.

He was married to Joanne Weller. Children were: John Kenneth McLandress .

He was married to Jaime E. Shipman. Children were: Andrew Marshall McLandress.

He was married to Barbara J. Tharp Roach on June 15, 1985.

bullet Robert Samuel Dodds was born on 19 Sep 1896. (B.S. - Elec. ) Parents: Rev. James Abner Dodds and Catherine Tivy Goodfellow Cassie.

He was married to Loretta M. Brophy. Children were: Catherine Virginia Dodds, Robert Eugene Dodds, Myron Leanord Dodds.

He was married to Mildred E. Burch.

bulletRobert A. Nethery was born on July 11, 1989. He was married to Sarah L. Blum on November 29, 2014. They have two children.

bullet Robert T. Reeves was born on 27 Sep 1923. Parents: Glenn A. Reeves and Myra Short.

Children were: Penny Reeves, Kathy Reeves, Lani Reeves, Robin Reeves, Tracy Reeves.

bulletRobin Lynn Reeves was born on 3 May 1965. Parents: James A. Reeves and Waunita C. Shaw.

bullet Robin Reeves was born on 10 Aug 1952. Parents: Robert T. Reeves.

bullet Roderick M. Smith was born on 20 Feb 1925. Parents: Harold L. Smith and Grace Snyder.

bullet Roger N. Williams was born on 28 May 1902. Parents: Norris A. Williams and Greta Cronk.

bullet Roger Pennington Parents: Richard B. Pennington and Maxine Thach.

bullet Rolland D. Smith was born on 30 Dec 1910. Parents: Benjamin H. Smith and Grace Studley.

bullet Ron Kenyon Parents: Al Kenyon and Nella Richardson.

bullet Roxanne Malfait was born on 5 Sep 1950. Parents: William E. Malfait and Donna L. Reeves.

bullet Russell Henry Brandt was born on 10 Sep 1900. (C.P.A.)

He was married to Anita Marguerite Dodds.

bullet Ruth KirkPatrich (R.N.) Parents: Dr. Robert Franklin Kirkpatrich (Bob) and Mabel Sproule.

She was married to Judge Hugh Cunningham. Children were: Michael Cunningham , Richard Cunningham, Laurie Cunningham, Anna Marie.

bullet Ruth N. Reddick was born on 14 Feb 1878. Parents: William A. Reddick and Catherine Miley.

She was married to Herbert E. Martin. Children were: William Martin.

bullet S. Reginald Smith was born on 6 Dec 1962. Parents: Stafford C. Smith and Janice Johnson.

bullet Sallie Emmons Parents: James Emmons and Sarah Kirk.

bullet Samuel Aldrich was born about 1725. He died on 5 Jul 1814. Parents: Seth Aldrich and Deborah Hayward.

He was married to Huldah Hill on 21 Jan 1745. Children were: Asa Aldrich.

bullet Sherri Peruski was married to Benjamin H. Smith. Children are: Dana, Heather and Kristen.

bullet Samuel Hayward of Mendon, Massachusetts

He was married to Whitable Thompson Hayward. Children were: Deborah Hayward.

bullet Sarah Copp Smith died on 12 Apr 1893. She was born ? 1843.

She was married to Benjamin H. Smith. Children were: Belle C. Smith, Josephine Smith.

bullet Sarah Kirk was born in 1763. She died in 1853.

She was married to James Emmons. Children were: Ephraim Emmons, William Emmons, Tilman Emmons, Elmer Emmons, Nancy Emmons, James Emmons, John K. Emmons, Elizabeth Emmons, Elizabeth Emmons, Margaret Emmons, Sallie Emmons, Elsie Emmons, Morton Emmons.

bullet Sarah Mardic

She was married. Children were: Robert Adams .

bullet Sarah Mardic Adams was born on 14 Feb 1844 in 6th Line Innisfil Township, Ontario, Canada. She died on 16 May 1904 in Bay City, Michigan. Parents: Robert Adams and Mary Ann Donnelly (or Donnally) .

She was married to Duncan McLandress. Children were: Robert John McLandress, George Aitchison McLandress, William McLandress , Joshua Alexander Hope McLandress.

bullet Sarah L. Blum was born January 22, 1990. Parents: Leslie C. Smith and John W. Blum. She married Robert A. Nethery on November 29, 2014. They have two children.

bullet Sarah Ruth Dodds was born on 21 Oct 1902. Parents: Rev. James Abner Dodds and Catherine Tivy Goodfellow Cassie .

She was married to Stanley Leonard Garvin. Children were: Stanley John Garvin (Jack).

bullet Sarah Thayer Hill of Holliston, Massachusetts

She was married to David Hill. Children were: Huldah Hill.

bullet Scott Lawrence Garvin was born on 9 May 1957. Parents: Stanley John Garvin (Jack) and Jane Oliver Irwin .

bullet Seth Aldrich was born on 6 Jul 1679. He died about 1737. Parents: Jacob Aldrich and Hulda Thayer.

He was married to Deborah Hayward on 3 Sep 1700. Children were: Samuel Aldrich.

bullet Sheri Lynne Havens was born on 29 Jun 1956. Parents: Glyn Dee Havens and Gwendolyn Spillers.

bullet Smith Abram Havens was born on 16 Jun 1936. He died on 20 Jan 1937. Parents: Glyn Havens and E. Myra Smith .

bullet Smith H. Clizbe was born on 29 Aug 1871. Parents: Stephen H. Clizbe and Irene Smith.

He was married to Ada Williams. Children were: Lucille Clizbe.

He was married to Kate Stepper. Children were: Kathryn I. Clizbe, Harold Clizbe.

bullet Sophronia Legg was born on 7 Aug 1777. She died on 30 Dec 1830 in Girard, Michigan.

She was married to Abram Aldrich on 17 Feb 1801. Children were: Content Albrich.

bullet Sophronia Smith was born on 18 Jun 1883. She died on 25 Jan 1905. Parents: Benjamin H. Smith and Content Albrich.

She was married to Alexander Williams. Children were: B. Franklin Williams, Frederic A. Williams, Norris A. Williams, Mary C. Williams, Irene Williams.

bullet Stafford Andrew Smith Parents: S. Reginald Smith and Lori Smith.

bullet Stafford C. Smith was born on 1 Aug 1938. Parents: C. Reginald Smith and Ethel L. Dean.

He was married to Janice Johnson. Children were: S. Reginald Smith , Mary Kathryn Smith and Dean Metlock Smith.

bullet Stanley Anderson Parents: Phil Anderson and Irene Richardson.

bullet Stanley Leonard Garvin was born on 12 Sep 1900.

He was married to Sarah Ruth Dodds. Children were: Stanley John Garvin (Jack).

bullet Stephen H. Clizbe was born on 25 Jan 1843. He died on 7 Apr 1908.

He was married to Irene Smith. Children were: Smith H. Clizbe, Alma I. Clizbe.

bullet Stephen W. Banks was born on 11 Aug 1937. Parents: John B. Banks and Winifred L. Faatz.

He was married to Donita Arlene Hartman. Children were: David Scott Banks, Gary Stephen.

bullet Sunny Gail was born on 14 Mar 1933.

She was married to Douglas S. Johnson. Children were: Gunnar S. Johnson .

bullet Susan Abernethy Parents: Jack Abernethy and Florence Hanft. She married Chuck Taylor. They had two children: Adam and Kevin.

bullet Susan Margaret Dodds was born on 28 Aug 1952. (B.A. - P.H.- ED) Parents: Robert Eugene Dodds and Germaine Millie.

She was married to Alan T. Smith. Children were: Matthew Alan Smith.

bullet Susan McLandress Staunton was born on 25 May 1957. Parents: Marshall A. Staunton and Nancy McLandress.

bullet Susan Morris (B.A. - B.P.E) Parents: W.M. Marsh Morris and Pamela Jones.

bullet Susannah Harris was born on 21 May 1755. Parents: Jonathan Harris and Mary Harris.

She was married to Asa Aldrich on 20 Apr 1774. Children were: Abram Aldrich .

bullet Sybil ?

She was married to George Aitchison McLandress . Children were: Virginia McLandress, Sybil McLandress.

bullet Sybil Duffton Parents: Walter Duffton and Virginia McLandress.

bullet Sybil McLandress was born in 1911. She died in 1929. Parents: George Aitchison McLandress and Sybil ?.

bullet Thelma I. Carr was born on 14 Aug 1917.

She was married to Mahlon J. Smith. Children were: Ellen L. Smith , Jerome B Smith, Bradford Smith .

bullet Thelma P. Grossman was born on 14 Jun 1905.

She was married to Harry Clizbe King. Children were: Harry D. King , Constance I. King.

bullet Thomas Bell

He was married to Elizabeth Adams (Lizzie) . Children were: Annie Mary Bell, Sarah Matilda Bell (Estie).

bullet Thomas H. Poston was born on 29 Jul 1942.

He was married to Jean Helen Abernethy. Children were: Timothy Lawrence Poston.

bullet Thomas M. Biery was born on 6 Dec 1944. Parents: John M. Biery and Dorothy Schaibly.

bullet Thomas Smith Parents: Benjamin L. Smith and Marcia Hazelton.

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