bullet Myron M. Carver III was born on 31 Aug 1947. Parents: Harlan James Carver and Alice Marie Fulton.

bullet Nadine Geary

She was married to Keith Richardson. Children were: Randy Richardson, Brady Richardson, Ken Richardson, Max Richardson, Laura Richardson.

bullet Nancy Emmons was born on 21 Aug 1799. She died on 24 Apr 1886. Parents: James Emmons and Sarah Kirk.

She was married to John B. Reddick. Children were: William A. Reddick, Lewis Reddick, John L. Reddick, Louise Reddick.

bullet Nancy McLandress was born on 9 Aug 1930. Parents: M.A. Smith McLandress and Gertrude Shannon.

She was married to Marshall A. Staunton. Children were: Susan McLandress Staunton, Julia S. Staunton.

bullet Nancy Squires was born on 29 Sep 1937.

She was married to Paul Carmi Smith. Children were: Christopher R. Smith , Aliceson C. Smith.

bullet Neil KirkPatrich Parents: Clarence J. KirkPatrich and Phyliss Cooper.

bullet Nella Richardson (R.N.) Parents: Andy Richardson and Marion Hesson KirkPatrich (Hessie).

She was married to Al Kenyon. Children were: Ron Kenyon, Douglas Kenyon, Larry Kenyon, Kathy Kenyon.

bullet Norma Miller

She was married to Whittier Kyles Morris . Children were: Patricia Morris, Bruce Morris.

bullet Norris A. Cross Parents: John S. Cross and Clementine Williams.

bullet Norris A. Williams was born on 30 Dec 1858. Parents: Alexander Williams and Sophronia Smith.

He was married to Greta Cronk. Children were: Everett P. Williams, Donald H. Williams, Roger N. Williams.

bullet Pamela Jones

She was married to W.M. Marsh Morris. Children were: Susan Morris.

bullet Patricia Morris Parents: Whittier Kyles Morris and Norma Miller.

She was married to Kenneth Peterson . Children were: Kimberlie Peterson, Kyle Peterson, Korinna Peterson.

bullet Patti Payne Parents: Dr. Donald Payne and Carol McCullough.

bullet Paul Carmi Smith was born on 28 May 1931. He died March 19, 1991. Parents: C. Reginald Smith and Ethel L. Dean.

He was married to Nancy Squires. Children were: Christopher R. Smith , Aliceson C. Smith.

bullet Paul Woolverton

was married to Lillian Abernethy .

bullet Payllis E. Pennington was born on 4 Jun 1918. Parents: Ray A. Pennington and C. Louise Smith.

She was married to Howard Bently. Children were: John M. Bently, Martha, Penny Bently.

bullet Penny Bently was born on 15 Jun 1953. Parents: Howard Bently and Payllis E. Pennington.

bullet Penny Reeves was born on 7 Jan 1947. Parents: Robert T. Reeves .

She was married to Daniel Vincent. Children were: Tony Vincent, Benay Vincent , Timothy Vincent.

bullet Peter Graham Garvin was born on 21 Mar 1954. Parents: Stanley John Garvin (Jack) and Jane Oliver Irwin.

bullet Phil Anderson

He was married to Irene Richardson. Children were: Kirk Anderson, Wayne Anderson, Kim Anderson, Stanley Anderson.

bullet Phyliss Cooper An English Girl

Children were: Louise KirkPatrich , Neil KirkPatrich, Heather KirkPatrich .

bulletRae Marie Reeves was born on 27 Feb 1959. Parents: James A. Reeves and Waunita C. Shaw.

bullet Ralph Arthur

He was married to Margarett Ann Carver (Margie) . Children were: Penelope Lynn Arthur (Penny).

bullet Ralph Rutan was born on 12 Jun 1971.

He was divorced from Margarett Ann Carver (Margie) in 1974. He was married to Margarett Ann Carver (Margie).

bullet Randy Richardson Parents: Keith Richardson and Nadine Geary.

bullet Ray A. Pennington was born on 26 Jan 1895. He died on 8 Apr 1963.

He was married to C. Louise Smith. Children were: Payllis E. Pennington, Richard B. Pennington, Vera M. Pennington.

bullet Rev. James Abner Dodds was born in 1862. He died in 1929. (P.h.D - D.D. - B.E. )
Listed several years in Who's Who in Canada.

He was married to Catherine Tivy Goodfellow Cassie. Children were: Robert Samuel Dodds, Anita Marguerite Dodds, Sarah Ruth Dodds.

bullet Rev. Thomas Jacokes was born on 1 Oct 1820. He died on 30 Apr 1898.

He was married to Laura Ann Smith. Children were: Laura A. Jacokes, Mary Ida Jacokes, Ella C. Jacokes, Mahlon A. Jacokes.

bullet Rev. William Morris was born in 1845 in 28 Aug 1928.

He was married to Sarah Matilda Bell (Estie). Children were: Whittier Kyles Morris, Dorothy Morris, W.M. Marsh Morris.

He was married to Matilda Adams (Tillie). Children were: Robena Morris.

bullet Richard B. Pennington was born on 3 Jun 1922. Parents: Ray A. Pennington and C. Louise Smith.

He was married to Maxine Thach. Children were: Todd Pennington, Roger Pennington.

bullet Richard Biery was born on 17 May 1942. Parents: Martin L. Biery and Dala Rae Sewell.

He was married to Kay Jackson.

bullet Richard Cunningham Parents: Judge Hugh Cunningham and Ruth KirkPatrich.

bullet Riley Ballard was born on 3 Jun 1944 in Fond-du-lac, Wisconsin. He (or she) died on 12 Apr 1975 in Philedelphia, PA. Parents: Ken Ballard and Edythe Abernethy Ballard.

bullet Rita Anne Reeves was born on 4 Feb 1958. Parents: James A. Reeves and Waunita C. Shaw.

bullet Robena Adams Parents: Joe Adams and Verna Morris.

She was married to Joe Walker. Children were: No name available (Daughter 1), No name available (Daughter 2), No name given (Son 1).

bullet Robena Morris A Spinster Parents: Rev. William Morris and Matilda Adams (Tillie).

bullet Robert Anthony Abernethy was born July 8, 1932 in New York City, New York. He married Florence Ann (Sally) Ryan on August 2, 1958. They had five children: Robert Scott , Celia Elizabeth, Deirdre Leslie, Adam Edward and Patrick. He died February 4, 2016.

bullet Robert Scott Abernethy was born on July 7, 1959 in Astoria, Queens. Parents: Robert Anthony Abernethy and Florence Ann Ryan.He married Becky Jo Niemann on June 6, 1981. They were divorced in December of 2012. They had four children: Elizabeth Anne, Katherine Ruth, David Roben, and Daniel Scott.

bullet Robert Adams was born in Jan 1809 in Gortahork, County Derry, Ireland. He died on 19 Dec 1881 in Essa, Ontario, Canada. Arrived in Canada 1837
Settled at 6th Line Innisfil Township,
Ontario, Canada

Their families migrated from Scotland to northern Ireland during the Scottish Wars.

The Following appeared in the Innisfil Paper at the time of the death of Robert Adams Sr.

"The Late Mr. Robert Adams who departed this life at the ripe old age of 72 years was one of the earliest settlers in the district. Born in County Derry, Ireland, of good parentage, he immigrated to Canada in 1837, the year of the Irish Revolution and in 1839 he settled in Innisfil Township from whence he moved a short time before his death in order to give the old homestead to his married son. By honest toil he won for himself a Competency and by a life of strict integrity and the exhibition of many of the best traits of human nature he earned the hearty esteem of his neighbors far and wide.

The deceased leaves a widow and a family of eight children: two sons and six daughters. One of the former and four of the latter married and well settled. In religion Mr. Adams was an adherent of the Presbyterian denomination and in politics, a staunch conservative.

The writer knew the deceased for thirty-four years and feels that a passing tribute to his memory is well deserved and will so be esteemed by all who knew him."

---------------------------------------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------------------------------------- -

Researched and Compiled in 1974 to 1979 by Robert S. And Mildred E. Dodds
1625 El Cerrito Dr. Hemet, Calif. 92343
Of the Margaret Adams Lineage.

Some of the information could not be proven and therefore there may be some errors, if so, they are minor. No efforts were spared in our attempts to make it accurate.
Information has been obtained from many sources: members of the family, cemeteries, and government statistics. We are most grateful to cousin Estie (Bell) Morris for the great amount of information she was able to give us from memory and family records. Many others were of great help. We found that the Adams family originated in Scotland and migrated to Northern Ireland during the Scottish Wars.

Robert Adams, with whom this chart starts, had four brothers and three sisters. His brother Jams died 3-23-1848 at age 48. No further information on him. Brother William 1824-1877- Age 53 married Sarah (?) who died 5-23-1848. A son, David, died when age 28. Brother Richard (no dates) married Margaret Jan (?) (No dates) and they had a daughter Isabelle who died when 10 years, 11 months of age on 1-12 1873. On Brother John, we could find no information.
---------------------------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------------------------------------

Robert Adams migrated to Canada from his native home, Cortahurk, County Derry, Ireland in 1837, During and Irish Rebellion and settled on 6th line of Innisfil Township in Ontario in 1839. His Mother, three sisters and four brothers followed. His mother died in 1878, and from information we obtained, we believe that his father was killed in one of the Irish Rebellions> Two of his sisters married Innisfil men, namely, James Hunt and John Scroggie. All are interred in 6th. Line Cemetery, Innisfil, Canada. No information on third sister.
Parents: Sarah Mardic.

He was married to Mary Ann Donnelly (or Donnally). It is regrettable that many relatives elected to delete dates of births and deaths, which is vital information for a family tree and of particular interest to coming generations. Should any decide to submit dates we will gladly enter them on the master print and notify all those to whom a copy was sent. Children were: Sarah Mardic Adams , Margaret Adams, William Adams , Mary Jane Adams, Robert Adams , Annie Adams, Elizabeth Adams (Lizzie), Matilda Adams (Tillie).

bullet Robert Adams was born in 1849. He died on 28 Aug 1898. Parents: Robert Adams and Mary Ann Donnelly (or Donnally) .

He was married to Margaret Hunter. Children were: Joe Adams.

bullet Robert Donald McLandress was born on 1 Jul 1940. D.D.S. Parents: Donald Robert McLandress and Esther Darling.

He was married to Brenda Bahm. Children were: Amy Lynne McLandress, Julie K. McLandress, Mindy Darling McLandress.

bullet Robert Eugene Dodds was born on 13 Feb 1921. Parents: Robert Samuel Dodds and Loretta M. Brophy.

He was married to Germaine Millie. Children were: Virginia Elizabeth Dodds, Susan Margaret Dodds , Allison Ann Dobbs.

bullet Robert A. Nethery was born on July 11, 1989. He married Sarah L. Blum on November 29, 2014. They have two children.

bullet Robert G. Reeves was born on 9 Nov 1961. Parents: James A. Reeves and Waunita C. Shaw.

bullet Robert G. Tobey was born on 24 May 1935. Parents: Hamlin G. Tobey and Kathrene L. McLandress.

He was married to Elisabeth A. Fenniman. Children were: Elisabeth L. Tobey, Deborah E. Tobey, Robert J. Tobey, Anne McL. Tobey.

bullet Robert Gergley Parents: Morris Gergley and Helen KirkPatrich.

bullet Robert Goodfellow was born in 1838. He died on 8 Feb 1898.

He was married to Margaret Adams. Children were: Catherine Tivy Goodfellow Cassie.

bullet Robert J. Abernethy was born on 28 Feb 1940. Parents: George L. Abernethy and Helen S. McLandress.

bullet Robert J. Lucas was born on 3 Jan 1918.

He was married to Betty Louise Johnson. Children were: Robert S. Lucas , Baron C. Lucas.

bullet Robert J. Tobey was born on 14 Apr 1961. Parents: Robert G. Tobey and Elisabeth A. Fenniman.

bullet Robert James Carver was born on 1 Oct 1956. Parents: Harlan James Carver and Alice Marie Fulton.

bullet Robert John McLandress was born on 8 Oct 1870. He was born on 8 Oct 1870 in Stayner, Ontario Canada. He died on 27 Apr 1942 in Indianapolis, Indiana. He died on 28 Apr 1942.

Presybeterian Minister
Parents: Duncan McLandress and Sarah Mardic Adams.

He was married to Katherene L. Smith. Children were: M.A. Smith McLandress, Helen S. McLandress, Kathrene L. McLandress.

bullet Robert S. Lucas was born on 1 Oct 1948. Parents: Robert J. Lucas and Betty Louise Johnson.

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