bullet Huldah Thayer of Braintree, Massachusetts

She was married to Ferdinando Thayer. Children were: Hulda Thayer.

bullet Ian Waite McLandress was born on September 5, 2000. Parents are John K. McLandress and Catherine Dutcher McLandress.

bullet Ichabod Smith Parents: Benjamin L. Smith and Marcia Hazelton.

bullet Ida M. Granger

She was married to Mahlon A. Jacokes . Children were: Myra E. Jacokes.

bullet Irene Richardson Parents: Andy Richardson and Marion Hesson KirkPatrich (Hessie).

She was married to Phil Anderson. Children were: Kirk Anderson, Wayne Anderson, Kim Anderson, Stanley Anderson.

bullet Irene Smith was born on 30 May 1841. She died on 18 Jun 1905. Parents: Benjamin H. Smith and Content Albrich.

She was married to Stephen H. Clizbe. Children were: Smith H. Clizbe, Alma I. Clizbe.

bullet Irene Williams was born ? May 1869. She died ? May 1870. Parents: Alexander Williams and Sophronia Smith.

bullet Isabelle Clare McLandress was born on December 30, 2002. Parents are: John K. McLandress and Catherine D. McLandress.

bullet Jack Abernethy was married to Florence Hanft. They had three children: Jean, Robert and Susan.

bullet Jacob Aldrich was born on 28 Feb 1652. He died on 22 Oct 1695. Parents: George Aldrich and Katherine Seald.

He was married to Hulda Thayer on 3 Nov 1675. Children were: Seth Aldrich.

bullet Jaime E. Shipman

She was married to Robert S. McLandress . Children were: Andrew Marshall McLandress.

bullet James A. Reeves was born on 5 Apr 1929. Parents: Glenn A. Reeves and Myra Short.

He was married to Waunita C. Shaw. Children were: Rita Anne Reeves , Rae Marie Reeves, Robert G. Reeves , Robin Lynn Reeves.

bullet James Arden Lint was born on 2 Aug 1936.

He was married to Constance I. King. Children were: Linda LeAnne Lint , Michelle Lauree Lint.

bullet James Emmons was born on 2 Oct 1761. He was born on 2 Oct 1761 in Fauquier County, Virginia. He died on 5 Apr 1839. He died on 5 Apr 1839 in Pokagon Township, Cass County, Michigan. James Emmons served in the Revolutionary War.

Parents: Father From Isle of St. Helens.

He was married to Sarah Kirk. Children were: Ephraim Emmons, William Emmons, Tilman Emmons, Elmer Emmons, Nancy Emmons, James Emmons, John K. Emmons, Elizabeth Emmons, Elizabeth Emmons, Margaret Emmons, Sallie Emmons, Elsie Emmons, Morton Emmons.

bullet James Emmons Parents: James Emmons and Sarah Kirk.

bullet Jane Oliver Irwin was born on 18 Apr 1930. (B.S. - Education)

She was married to Stanley John Garvin (Jack). Children were: Peter Graham Garvin, Scott Lawrence Garvin.

bullet Janet F. Trueblood was born on 13 Dec 1936.

She was married to Monty Neil Reeves. Children were: Jeanna Kat Reeves , Alan Neil Reeves, Douglas J. Reeves, Dale Lee Reeves.

bullet Janet Ruth Martin was born on 30 Jan 1945. Parents: William Martin.

bullet Janice Bliel was born on 27 May 1947. Parents: Carl E. Bliel and Vera M. Pennington.

bullet Janice Johnson was born on 27 Jan 1939.

She was married to Stafford C. Smith. Children were: S. Reginald Smith , Mary Kathryn Smith and Dean M. Smith.

bullet Jean Abernethy Parents: Jack Abernethy and Florence Hanft. She was married to Philip Long. They had four children: Cathy, Ginger, James and Thomas.

bullet Jean Bell Ferguson Parents: Donald J. Ferguson and Annie Mary Bell.

She was married to Garfield Payne. Children were: Dr. Donald Payne , John Payne, Linda Payne , Louise Payne.

bullet Jean Helen Abernethy was born on 27 Sep 1942. Parents: George L. Abernethy and Helen S. McLandress.

She was married to Thomas H. Poston. Children were: Timothy Lawrence Poston.

bullet Jeanna Kat Reeves was born on 19 Aug 1957. Parents: Monty Neil Reeves and Janet F. Trueblood.

bullet Jefferey Olson was born on 7 Mar 1957. Parents: David J. Olson and Barbara A. Biery.

bullet Jeffrey D. Johnson was born on 29 Apr 1959. Parents: Harold W. Johnson and Molly Ann Havens.

bullet Jessica Smith Parents: S. Reginald Smith and Lori Smith.

bullet Jerome B Smith was born on 13 Oct 1949. Parents: Mahlon J. Smith and Thelma I. Carr.

bulletJoanne Mausoff was married to Douglas H. Smith. Children: Deric, Kelsea, Jorden, Brandon.

bullet Joanne Weller was married to Robert S. Mclandress. Children: John K. McLandress

bullet Joe Adams Parents: Robert Adams and Margaret Hunter.

He was married to Verna Morris . Children were: Robena Adams, Lillian Adams, Edith Adams, Verna Adams, Margaret Adams.

bullet Joe Kirk Patrich

He was married to Annie Adams. Children were: Dr. Robert Franklin Kirkpatrich (Bob) , Margaret Cassandra KirkPatrich (Cassie), Dr. William Adams KirkPatrich, Marion Hesson KirkPatrich (Hessie).

bullet Joe Walker

He was married to Robena Adams. Children were: No name available (Daughter 1), No name available (Daughter 2), No name given (Son 1).

bullet Johanna Faulkner (or Joanna Pharkanar) was born in Blairgowrie, Perth.

She was married to Duncan McLandress (or McLanders) on 5 Dec 1812 in New Rattray, Perth, Scotland. Children were: John Aitchison (or Etchison) McLandress.

bullet John Abernethy was born on 10 Sep 1880 in Stewartstown, Northern Ireland. He died in 1963 or 1964 in Philedelphia, PA.

He was married to Lydia Johnson Abernethy. Children were: George L. Abernethy, Edythe Abernethy Ballard, Lillian Abernethy, John Russell Abernethy.

bullet John Abernethy was born in Jan. Parents: John Russell Abernethy and Barbara Heath Abernethy.

bullet John Aitchison (or Etchison) McLandress was born in 1808 in Scotland. He died on 6 Apr 1890. Arrived in Halifax, 1830
Settled in Brule, Nova Scotia, 1837 Parents: Duncan McLandress (or McLanders) and Johanna Faulkner (or Joanna Pharkanar) .

He was married to Louisa Jane Forbes in Dalhousie, New Brunswick, Canada. Children were: Duncan McLandress .

bullet John B. Banks was born on 6 Jul 1904. Parents: Walter Banks and Josephine Smith.

He was married to Winifred L. Faatz. Children were: Stephen W. Banks .

bullet John B. Reddick was born on 16 Jan 1805. He died on 22 Aug 1868.

He was married to Nancy Emmons. Children were: William A. Reddick, Lewis Reddick, John L. Reddick, Louise Reddick.

bullet John Biery was born on 17 Feb 1961. Parents: John C. Biery and Glee Dudgeon.

bullet John C. Biery was born on 8 Oct 1927. Parents: John M. Biery and Dorothy Schaibly.

He was married to Glee Dudgeon. Children were: Gay Biery, John Biery.

bullet John F. Cross Parents: John S. Cross and Clementine Williams.

bullet John G. Biery was born on 2 Oct 1869. He died on 7 Mar 1960.

He was married to Mabel Lena Smith. Children were: John M. Biery, Mabel L. Biery, Martin L. Biery.

bullet John K. Emmons Parents: James Emmons and Sarah Kirk.

bullet John Kenneth McLandress was born on 15 Dec 1966. Parents: Robert S. McLandress and Joanne Weller. He was married to Catherine Dutcher McLandress on August 6, 1994. Children are: Ian W. and Isabelle C.

bullet John L. Reddick was born on 24 Apr 1836. He died in 1910. Parents: John B. Reddick and Nancy Emmons.

bullet John M. Bently was born on 19 Jun 1946. Parents: Howard Bently and Payllis E. Pennington.

bullet John M. Biery was born on 18 Dec 1901. Parents: John G. Biery and Mabel Lena Smith.

He was married to Dorothy Schaibly. Children were: John C. Biery, Barbara A. Biery, Thomas M. Biery.

bullet John W. Blum Was born on March 27, 1959. He was was married to Leslie C. Smith. Children were Courtney M., Ashley C. and Sarah L.

bullet John Martin Parents: William K. Martin (Bill) and Elizabeth Abbott.

bullet John Payne (P.h.D.) Parents: Garfield Payne and Jean Bell Ferguson.

bullet John Russell Abernethy was born on 30 Nov 1919. He died. Parents: John Abernethy and Lydia Johnson Abernethy.

He was married to Barbara Heath Abernethy. Children were: Helen Anne Abernethy Franz, John Abernethy, Barbara Abernethy.

bullet John S. Cross was born on 16 Jun 1897. He died ? Dec 1948.

He was married to Clementine Williams. Children were: John F. Cross, Norris A. Cross.

bullet Jonathan B. Smith was born on 9 Sep 1963. His Parents: Dean S. Smith and Carolyn Beslock. He married Keiko Nagata on Dec. 25, 2002. They have one child.

bullet Jonathan Ballard was born on 12 Mar 1955. Parents: Ken Ballard and Edythe Abernethy Ballard.

bullet Jonathan Harris Of Smithfield, Rhode Island

He was married to Mary Harris. Children were: Susannah Harris.

bullet Joseph F. Martin died in Dec 1947. Parents: Thompson Martin and Margaret Cassandra KirkPatrich (Cassie).

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