bullet Frank Parents: B. Franklin Williams and Ella Lyons .

bullet Frank G. Smith was born on 3 Jul 1932. He died June 7, 2008. Parents: C. Reginald Smith and Ethel L. Dean.

He was married to Ethel L. Hall. Children were: Benjamin H. Smith, Douglas H. Smith. .

bullet Frank Loomis

He was married to Belle C. Smith.

bullet Franklin Standerfer was born on 28 Jan 1933.

He was married to Mary Louise Hoy. Children were: Kay Louise, Diane Standerfer, Lynn Standerfer.

bullet Frederic A. Williams was born on 19 Sep 1856. He died on 1 Nov 1919. Parents: Alexander Williams and Sophronia Smith.

He was married to Clara A. Michaels. Children were: Abram Williams, A.C. Williams, Clementine Williams.

bullet Garfield Payne

He was married to Jean Bell Ferguson. Children were: Dr. Donald Payne, John Payne, Linda Payne, Louise Payne.

bullet Gary Smith was born on 13 Apr 1961. Parents: Glyn Dee Havens and Gwendolyn Spillers.

bullet Gary Stephen was born on 24 Jun 1965. Parents: Stephen W. Banks and Donita Arlene Hartman.

bullet Gay Biery was born on 7 Nov 1955. Parents: John C. Biery and Glee Dudgeon.

bullet George Aitchison McLandress was born in 1872. (M.D.)
Parents: Duncan McLandress and Sarah Mardic Adams.

He was married to Sybil ? . Children were: Virginia McLandress, Sybil McLandress.

bullet George Aldrich was born on 3 Sep 1629. He died on 1 Mar 1682 in Mendon, Ma.

He was married to Katherine Seald in Derbyshire, England. Children were: Jacob Aldrich.

bullet George L. Abernethy Parents: John Abernethy and Lydia Johnson Abernethy.

He was married to Helen S. McLandress. Children were: Robert J. Abernethy , Jean Helen Abernethy.

bullet Gerald E. Beers

He was married to Judy McLandress. He was divorced from Judy McLandress. Children were: Lawrence Beers, Laura Ann Beers.

bullet Geraldine Biery

She was married to Martin L. Biery.

bullet Germaine Millie was born on 23 Oct 1924.

She was married to Robert Eugene Dodds. Children were: Virginia Elizabeth Dodds, Susan Margaret Dodds, Allison Ann Dobbs.

bullet Gertrude Shannon was born on 5 Dec 1902.

She was married to M.A. Smith McLandress. Children were: Nancy McLandress , Robert S. McLandress.

bullet Gilbert Holm

He was married to Linda Payne. Children were: Christy Holm, Kevin Holm .

bullet Glee Dudgeon was born on 23 Jun 1925.

She was married to John C. Biery. Children were: Gay Biery, John Biery.

bullet Glenn A. Reeves was born on 17 Jul 1893. He died on 27 Feb 1968. Parents: Adoniram Reeves and Mary C. Williams.

He was married to Myra Short. Children were: Robert T. Reeves, William E. Reeves, James A. Reeves.

bullet Gloria ?

She was married to Harlan James Carver.

bullet Glyn Dee Havens was born on 23 Jan 1931. Parents: Glyn Havens and E. Myra Smith.

He was married to Gwendolyn Spillers. Children were: Sheri Lynne Havens , Vicki Lee, Gary Smith.

bullet Glyn Havens was born on 29 Apr 1895. He died on 7 Jun 1967.

He was married to E. Myra Smith. Children were: Glyn Dee Havens, Smith Abram Havens, Molly Ann Havens.

bullet Gordon Bliel was born on 20 Aug 1956. Parents: Carl E. Bliel and Vera M. Pennington.

bullet Gordon S. Smith was born on 25 Aug 1923. Parents: Harold L. Smith and Grace Snyder.

bullet Grace Louise Smith was born on 31 Jul 1914. Parents: Benjamin H. Smith and Grace Studley.

She was married to Arthur Dale Apt.

bullet Grace Snyder

She was married to Harold L. Smith. Children were: Gordon S. Smith, Roderick M. Smith.

bullet Grace Studley was born on 15 Apr 1883. She died on 8 Mar 1953.

She was married to Benjamin H. Smith. Children were: Mahlon J. Smith, Rolland D. Smith, Grace Louise Smith.

bullet Gregory E. Johnson was born on 28 Apr 1958. Parents: Harold W. Johnson and Molly Ann Havens.

bullet Greta Cronk died on 21 Aug 1906.

She was married to Norris A. Williams. Children were: Everett P. Williams , Donald H. Williams, Roger N. Williams.

bullet Gretchen Harsch was born on 10 Jul 1934.

She was married to Donald G. Johnson. Children were: Christopher , Kathy Anne.

bullet Gunnar Johnson was born on 18 Aug 1896. He died on 11 Oct 1956.

He was married to Byrdice Reeves. Children were: Betty Louise Johnson, Donald G. Johnson, Douglas S. Johnson.

bullet Gunnar S. Johnson was born on 30 Aug 1963. Parents: Douglas S. Johnson and Sunny Gail.

bullet Gwendolyn Spillers was born on 20 Jul 1931.

She was married to Glyn Dee Havens. Children were: Sheri Lynne Havens , Vicki Lee, Gary Smith.

bullet Hamlin G. Tobey was born on 20 Dec 1905.

He was married to Kathrene L. McLandress. Children were: Robert G. Tobey .

bullet Harlan James Carver was born on 26 Jun 1924. Parents: Myron M. Carver and Anita Marguerite Dodds.

He was divorced from Alice Marie Fulton in 1952. He was married to Alice Marie Fulton. Children were: Myron M. Carver III, Margarett Ann Carver (Margie), Robert James Carver, Charles Lewis Carver, Barbara Jean Carver, Laura Ann Carver.

He was married to Gloria ?.

bullet Harold B. Johnson was born on 16 Jun 1957. Parents: Harold W. Johnson and Molly Ann Havens.

bullet Harold Clizbe was born on 23 Aug 1909. Parents: Smith H. Clizbe and Kate Stepper.

bullet Harold L. Smith was born on 16 Nov 1890. He died in 1944. Parents: Mark H. Smith and Clara Schofield.

He was married to Grace Snyder. Children were: Gordon S. Smith, Roderick M. Smith.

bullet Harold W. Johnson was born on 6 Aug 1935.

He was married to Molly Ann Havens. Children were: Harold B. Johnson , Gregory E. Johnson, Jeffrey D. Johnson.

bullet Harry Clizbe King was born on 27 Aug 1903. Parents: Charles King and Alma I. Clizbe.

He was married to Thelma P. Grossman. Children were: Harry D. King , Constance I. King.

bullet Harry D. King was born on 17 Aug 1934. Parents: Harry Clizbe King and Thelma P. Grossman.

He was married to Kay LeAnne Keefer. Children were: Kathy LeAnne.

bullet Heather KirkPatrich Parents: Clarence J. KirkPatrich and Phyliss Cooper.

bullet Heather Payne Parents: Dr. Donald Payne and Carol McCullough.

bullet Helen Anne Abernethy Franz Parents: John Russell Abernethy and Barbara Heath Abernethy.

She was married to Bob Franz.

bullet Helen KirkPatrich (R.N.) Parents: Dr. Robert Franklin Kirkpatrich (Bob) and Mabel Sproule.

She was married to Morris Gergley. Children were: Robert Gergley , Beverly Gergley.

bullet Helen S. McLandress was born on 27 Jul 1901. Parents: Robert John McLandress and Katherene L. Smith.

She was married to George L. Abernethy. Children were: Robert J. Abernethy, Jean Helen Abernethy.

bullet Herbert E. Martin

He was married to Ruth N. Reddick. Children were: William Martin.

bullet Howard Bently was born on 20 Feb 1916.

He was married to Payllis E. Pennington. Children were: John M. Bently , Martha, Penny Bently.

bullet Hulda Thayer was born on 16 Jun 1651. Parents: Ferdinando Thayer and Huldah Thayer.

She was married to Jacob Aldrich on 3 Nov 1675. Children were: Seth Aldrich.

bullet Huldah Hill was born on 15 Aug 1728. Parents: David Hill and Sarah Thayer Hill.

She was married to Samuel Aldrich on 21 Jan 1745. Children were: Asa Aldrich.

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