bullet Deborah E. Tobey was born on 1 Sep 1959. Parents: Robert G. Tobey and Elisabeth A. Fenniman.

bullet Deborah Hayward was born on 9 Feb 1682. She died about 1703. Parents: Samuel Hayward and Whitable Thompson Hayward.

She was married to Seth Aldrich on 3 Sep 1700. Children were: Samuel Aldrich.

bullet Deborah Roberti was born on July 30, 1960. She married Marc C. Smith on February 8, 1994.

bullet Debra Olson was born on 3 May 1955. Parents: David J. Olson and Barbara A. Biery.

bulletDeric W. Skinner was born October 21, 1983. He was married to Ashley C. Blum on June 27, 2010. They have two children.

bullet Dena M. Reeves was born on 5 Nov 1952. Parents: William E. Reeves and Dorothy Elaine Cowell.

bullet Diane Standerfer was born on 3 Jan 1960. Parents: Franklin Standerfer and Mary Louise Hoy.

bullet Donald G. Johnson was born on 5 Oct 1928. Parents: Gunnar Johnson and Byrdice Reeves.

He was married to Gretchen Harsch. Children were: Christopher, Kathy Anne.

bullet Donald H. Williams was born on 5 Jul 1894. Parents: Norris A. Williams and Greta Cronk.

bullet Donald J. Ferguson was an Educator.

He was married to Annie Mary Bell. Children were: Jean Bell Ferguson.

bullet Donald Robert McLandress was born in 1905. He died in 1969. Parents: Joshua Alexander Hope McLandress and Zuella Sorber .

He was married to Esther Darling. Children were: Judy McLandress, Robert Donald McLandress.

bullet Donita Arlene Hartman was born on 29 Mar 1936.

She was married to Stephen W. Banks. Children were: David Scott Banks , Gary Stephen.

bullet Donna L. Reeves was born on 23 Jun 1931. Parents: Byron Reeves and Frances Pitts.

She was married to William E. Malfait. Children were: Roxanne Malfait , Cathy Jeanne Malfait.

bullet Dorothy Elaine Cowell was born on 6 Feb 1925.

She was married to William E. Reeves. Children were: David A. Reeves , Dena M. Reeves, Brad J. Reeves .

bullet Dorothy Morris died. Died of Diptheria when 2 years of age. Parents: Rev. William Morris and Sarah Matilda Bell (Estie) .

bullet Dorothy Schaibly was born on 10 Feb 1904.

She was married to John M. Biery. Children were: John C. Biery, Barbara A. Biery, Thomas M. Biery.

bullet Dorothy Smith was born on 8 Nov 1901. She died on 26 Mar 1907. Parents: Mark H. Smith and Clara Schofield.

bullet Douglas H. Smith His parents were: Frank G. Smith and Ethel L. Hall. He was married to Joanne Mausoff. Children: Deric, Kelsea, Jorden and Brandon. He later married Christine DeSanctis Children: Alexis.

bullet Douglas J. Reeves was born on 2 Oct 1962. Parents: Monty Neil Reeves and Janet F. Trueblood.

bullet Douglas Kenyon Parents: Al Kenyon and Nella Richardson.

bullet Douglas S. Johnson was born on 14 Jan 1933. Parents: Gunnar Johnson and Byrdice Reeves.

He was married to Sunny Gail. Children were: Gunnar S. Johnson.

bullet Dr. Donald Payne Parents: Garfield Payne and Jean Bell Ferguson.

He was married to Carol McCullough . Children were: Allen Payne, Patti Payne, Heather Payne.

bullet Dr. Micheal Lawrie (M.D.)

He was married to Louise Payne .

bullet Dr. William Adams KirkPatrich (M.D.)
Parents: Joe Kirk Patrich and Annie Adams.

He was married to Minnie Porter .

bullet Duncan McLandress was born on 21 Oct 1844 in Dalhousie, New Brunswick, Canada. He died on 11 Mar 1902 in Saginaw, Michigan. Parents: John Aitchison (or Etchison) McLandress and Louisa Jane Forbes.

He was married to Sarah Mardic Adams . Children were: Robert John McLandress, George Aitchison McLandress, William McLandress , Joshua Alexander Hope McLandress.

bullet Duncan McLandress (or McLanders) died on 8 Feb 1870 in Brule, Nova Scotia.

He was married to Johanna Faulkner (or Joanna Pharkanar) on 5 Dec 1812 in New Rattray, Perth, Scotland. Children were: John Aitchison (or Etchison) McLandress.

bullet E. Myra Smith was born on 17 Aug 1892. Parents: Abram L. Smith and Evalyn Paddock Smith.

She was married to Glyn Havens. Children were: Glyn Dee Havens, Smith Abram Havens, Molly Ann Havens.

bullet Edith Adams Parents: Joe Adams and Verna Morris.

bullet Edythe Abernethy Ballard was born on 13 Oct 1916. Parents: John Abernethy and Lydia Johnson Abernethy.

She was married to Ken Ballard. Children were: Riley Ballard, Jonathan Ballard.

bullet Elisabeth A. Fenniman was born on 28 Feb 1935.

She was married to Robert G. Tobey. Children were: Elisabeth L. Tobey , Deborah E. Tobey, Robert J. Tobey, Anne McL. Tobey.

bullet Elisabeth L. Tobey was born on 11 Mar 1958. Parents: Robert G. Tobey and Elisabeth A. Fenniman.

bullet Elizabeth Abbott

She was married to William K. Martin (Bill) . Children were: John Martin, David Martin.

bullet Elizabeth Alcott McLandress was born on June 18, 2000. Parents were: Andrew McLandress and Michelle McLandress.

bullet Elizabeth Anne Abernethy was born on July 4, 1984. Parents were: Florence Ann Ryan and Robert Anthony Abernethy. She married Eric Davis in 2011. They have three children: Ethan, Samantha and Jack.

bullet Elizabeth Emmons Parents: James Emmons and Sarah Kirk.

bullet Elizabeth Emmons Parents: James Emmons and Sarah Kirk.

bullet Elizabeth W. Rogers

She was married to W.R. Stafford Smith .

bullet Ella C. Jacokes was born on 1 Oct 1853. She died ?-1910. Never Married.
Parents: Rev. Thomas Jacokes and Laura Ann Smith.

bullet Ella Lyons

She was married to B. Franklin Williams . Children were: Frank.

bullet Ellen L. Smith was born on 2 Mar 1947. Parents: Mahlon J. Smith and Thelma I. Carr.

bullet Elmer Emmons Parents: James Emmons and Sarah Kirk.

bullet Elsie Emmons Parents: James Emmons and Sarah Kirk.

bullet Elsie Smith Parents: Benjamin L. Smith and Marcia Hazelton.

bullet Ephraim Emmons Parents: James Emmons and Sarah Kirk.

bullet Erma Adams (Died when just an infant) Parents: William Adams and Martha Bell.

bullet Esther Darling was born on 15 Feb 1907.

She was married to Donald Robert McLandress. Children were: Judy McLandress , Robert Donald McLandress.

bullet Ethel L. Dean

She was married to C. Reginald Smith . Children were: Dean S. Smith, Paul Carmi Smith, Frank G. Smith, Stafford C. Smith.

bullet Ethel L. Hall was born on 25 Jan 1934. She died January 27, 1998.

She was married to Frank G. Smith. Children were: Benjamin H. Smith .

bullet Evalyn Paddock Smith was born on 19 Dec 1850.

She was married to Abram L. Smith. Children were: E. Myra Smith.

bullet Everett P. Williams was born on 5 May 1887. Parents: Norris A. Williams and Greta Cronk.

bullet Ezekial Smith Parents: Benjamin L. Smith and Marcia Hazelton.

bullet Ferdinando Thayer of Braintree, Massachusetts

He was married to Huldah Thayer. Children were: Hulda Thayer.

bullet Florence Hanft Was married to Jack Abernethy. They had three children: Jean, Robert and Susan.

bullet Florence Martin (R.N.) A Spinster Parents: Thompson Martin and Margaret Cassandra KirkPatrich (Cassie).

bullet Florence Ann Ryan (Sally) was was born on December 15, 1933. She was married to Robert Anthony Abernethy on August 2, 1958. They had five children: Robert Scott , Celia Elizabeth, Deirdre Leslie, Adam Edward and Patrick.

bullet Frances Jillion Morton

She was married to Bruce Morris .

bullet Frances Pitts was born on 8 Aug 1908.

She was married to Byron Reeves. Children were: Donna L. Reeves, Monty Neil Reeves, Vicki L. Reeves.

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