bullet Thompson Martin

He was married to Margaret Cassandra KirkPatrich (Cassie) . Children were: Florence Martin, Joseph F. Martin, William K. Martin (Bill).

bullet Tilman Emmons Parents: James Emmons and Sarah Kirk.

bullet Timothy A. Bliel was born on 1 Jan 1951. Parents: Carl E. Bliel and Vera M. Pennington.

bullet Timothy A. Blum was born on November 4, 1982. He was married to Courtney M. Blum on June 30, 2007. They have two children.

bullet Timothy Lawrence Poston was born on 15 Jun 1967. Parents: Thomas H. Poston and Jean Helen Abernethy.

bullet Timothy Vincent was born on 11 Sep 1966. Parents: Daniel Vincent and Penny Reeves.

bullet Todd Pennington Parents: Richard B. Pennington and Maxine Thach.

bullet Tony Vincent was born on 12 May 1963. Parents: Daniel Vincent and Penny Reeves.

bullet Tracy Reeves was born on 3 Mar 1954. Parents: Robert T. Reeves .

bullet Vera M. Pennington was born on 28 Nov 1923. Parents: Ray A. Pennington and C. Louise Smith.

She was married to Carl E. Bliel. Children were: Janice Bliel, Timothy A. Bliel, Alicia Bliel, Gordon Bliel.

bullet Verna Adams Parents: Joe Adams and Verna Morris.

bullet Verna Morris Sister to Rev. William Morris

She was married to Joe Adams. Children were: Robena Adams, Lillian Adams, Edith Adams, Verna Adams, Margaret Adams.

bullet Vicki L. Reeves was born on 20 Jan 1946. Parents: Byron Reeves and Frances Pitts.

She was married to Claymore Needham.

bullet Vicki Lee was born on 23 Dec 1957. Parents: Glyn Dee Havens and Gwendolyn Spillers.

bullet Virginia Elizabeth Dodds was born on 9 Nov 1950. (B.A.) Parents: Robert Eugene Dodds and Germaine Millie.

bullet Virginia McLandress Parents: George Aitchison McLandress and Sybil ?.

She was married to Walter Duffton. Children were: Sybil Duffton.

bullet W.M. Marsh Morris (B.A.- Med) Parents: Rev. William Morris and Sarah Matilda Bell (Estie).

He was married to Pamela Jones. Children were: Susan Morris.

bullet W.R. Stafford Smith was born on 30 Jan 1892 in 19 Jun 1944. Parents: Carmi R. Smith and Mary Stafford.

He was married to Elizabeth W. Rogers.

bullet Walter Banks

He was married to Josephine Smith. Children were: John B. Banks.

bullet Walter Duffton

He was married to Virginia McLandress . Children were: Sybil Duffton.

bullet Waunita C. Shaw was born on 2 Nov 1936.

She was married to James A. Reeves. Children were: Rita Anne Reeves , Rae Marie Reeves, Robert G. Reeves , Robin Lynn Reeves.

bullet Wayne Anderson Parents: Phil Anderson and Irene Richardson.

bullet Whitable Thompson Hayward of Mendon, Massachusetts

She was married to Samuel Hayward. Children were: Deborah Hayward .

bullet Whittier Kyles Morris ( B.A. - MED) Parents: Rev. William Morris and Sarah Matilda Bell (Estie).

He was married to Norma Miller. Children were: Patricia Morris, Bruce Morris.

bullet William A. Reddick was born on 2 Jan 1843. He died on 26 Jan 1924. Parents: John B. Reddick and Nancy Emmons.

He was married to Catherine Miley. Children were: Birdie Reddick, Kathryn Reddick, Ruth N. Reddick.

bullet William Adams was born in 1845. He died on 28 Aug 1918. Parents: Robert Adams and Mary Ann Donnelly (or Donnally) .

He was married to Martha Bell. Children were: Erma Adams.

bullet William E. Hoy was born on 18 Oct 1905.

He was married to Mabel L. Biery. Children were: William J. Hoy , Mary Louise Hoy.

bullet William E. Malfait was born on 20 Nov 1930.

He was married to Donna L. Reeves. Children were: Roxanne Malfait , Cathy Jeanne Malfait.

bullet William E. Reeves was born on 20 Nov 1926. Parents: Glenn A. Reeves and Myra Short.

He was married to Dorothy Elaine Cowell. Children were: David A. Reeves , Dena M. Reeves, Brad J. Reeves .

bullet William Emmons Parents: James Emmons and Sarah Kirk.

bullet William J. Hoy was born on 30 Sep 1931 in 29 Aug 1960. Parents: William E. Hoy and Mabel L. Biery.

He was married to Marcia Carlson. Children were: Catherine Hoy ( now Nordhaus ).

bullet William Martin Parents: Herbert E. Martin and Ruth N. Reddick.

Children were: Margaret Martin , Janet Ruth Martin.

bulletWilliam McLandress was born in 1875. He died in 1913. He was a Musician. Parents: Duncan McLandress and Sarah Mardic Adams.

He was married to Marjorie Bowen on 19 Oct 1904.

bullet William Smith Parents: Benjamin L. Smith and Marcia Hazelton.

bullet Winifred L. Faatz was born on 3 Dec 1905.

She was married to John B. Banks. Children were: Stephen W. Banks .

bullet Zuella Sorber was born in 1882. She died in 1962.

She was married to Joshua Alexander Hope McLandress. Children were: Donald Robert McLandress.

bullet Catherine Tivy Goodfellow Cassie was born in 1864. She died in 1957. Graduate of Brantford Ladies College Parents: Robert Goodfellow and Margaret Adams.

She was married to Rev. James Abner Dodds. Children were: Robert Samuel Dodds, Anita Marguerite Dodds, Sarah Ruth Dodds.

bullet Father From Isle of St. Helens

Children were: James Emmons .

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